Right to Work: For Less.

Right to Work is a misnomer. It does not guarantee jobs for working Pennsylvanians and it does nothing to protect workers' rights. This legislation actually does the opposite of what it claims to do.

HB 50-55 (Right to Work "for less") are bad for Pennsylvanians for the following reasons:

These laws do not protect your right to work. No one has to be a member of a union if they don’t want to and they don’t have to pay dues. Private sector workers already can resign their union membership if they object to how the union spends its money.This is Federal law.

HB 50-55 lower wages for working people and deny them the benefits they need to support their families. Average annual pay in 20 of the 22 states with these laws is lower than the average annual pay in Pennsylvania. In 2009, the average annual pay in states with “right to work” for less laws was $39,169, $5,660 less than the average annual pay in Pennsylvania of $44,829. (AFLCIO)

"Right to work" in Pennsylvania will allow businesses to increase profits because of lower wages -- not because they're making a good product, providing an important service, or treating their workers fairly. On average, 28.3 percent of jobs in states with “right to work” laws are in occupations that pay poverty wages, compared with 22.1 percent of jobs here in Pennsylvania (AFLCIO)