The Rent is Too Damn High!

The Rent is Too Damn High

We demand rapid action on the housing crisis from the Michigan state legislature!

Hundreds of renters from every major city in the state have come together this year to demand rapid action to empower renters, lower rents, and hold landlords accountable. Our legislators need to know where we stand, and where we're counting on them.

As of October 9, there are only 4 likely weeks left in this Michigan legislative session. This is because the Democrats intend to adjourn early, owing to the decision of two of their members to leave the legislature and (temporarily) deprive them of a majority.

This is unacceptable when they have shown little progress on the housing crisis (not to mention lots of other important issues).

Here is what we are asking for from our elected House representatives: Before adjourning for the year, do the following to show progress on the housing crisis:

1. Pass the Homeless Bill of Rights (HB 4919)
2. Pass the Fair Chance Access to Housing Act (HB 4878)
3. Hold a hearing for the Rent Control Preemption Repeal (HB 4947) before the House Housing subcommittee