Email Mayor Harrell and City Council Members: RSPCT for City of Seattle Workers

Banner image that reads, "Failure to keep up with inflation is an effective pay cut. We deserve RSPCT." The Seattle Coalition of City Unions (CCU) logo and a simple illustration of fists raised in solidarity are pictured at the center.

As City of Seattle employees, we have been working under an expired contract since December 2022. To date, the City has proposed a 1% COLA, despite historic inflation. We keep our city safe and livable and we should be allowed the same for ourselves and our families.

Use this email template to tell Mayor Harrell and City Council Members that we need a fair contract. We encourage all our City of Seattle colleagues to share your personal story and customize the letter as well.

Are you a supporter/ally of our fight for a contract but aren't a Coalition of City Unions (CCU) member? Complete our community email campaign here:

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