Rustic Roads Master Plan Update- Your Voice Needed

(Sunset on Hughes Rd - Terri Pitts)

The Rustic Roads master plan is having its first update since the inception of this important program. We are asking all fans of Rustic Roads to write in to the Council with your appreciation of the roads and support the recommended updates from Planning.

The Rustic Roads program has many benefits.  These roads are historic and unique, as are the bridges, structures and landscapes along them. They are narrow, slow, and safe, leading to places of wonder--to views of Sugarloaf Mountain, to historic communities, both Black and White, past a one-room schoolhouse, a favorite barn or a row of 100-year old cedar trees.

Your letter would be especially helpful if it highlights how valuable and irreplaceable these historic, scenic roads continue to be, that they are integral to our working landscapes, rural areas and villages, and the functioning of the Agricultural Reserve. They strengthen our rural businesses including our farms, markets, orchards, stables, wineries, breweries and art studios along them. These roads are safely shared by all users, and their narrow pavements protect the water quality in our streams and reservoirs. Heritage tourism along these roads is an enormous economic asset for our rural economy.

PS - be respectful of the farmers moving their equipment this planting season, thanks!

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