Sac County Climate Action Plan

Demand Strong Climate Action

Sacramento County has released a draft of its CAP for comment by April 9.  We have reviewed it, and it ain’t pretty.  This draft has seven major problems -- In a nutshell it:

·         Doesn’t reflect the County’s Climate Emergency Declaration

·         Doesn’t not present measures to prioritize infill development

·         Doesn’t commit to keeping carbon-offset money local

·         Doesn’t t present specific, enforceable mitigation measures

·         Doesn’t provide robust public involvement

·         Relies on SMUD meeting its uncertain 2030 carbon-zero goal

·         Doesn’t provide a credible Implementation Plan.

Here’s a summary of each deficiency and what the CAP needs to fix them.

We will push them - with your help.

Please submit a public comment ASAP. We’ve prepared this tool with guiding questions, prompts, and a template letter so you can say you want a strong CAP.  We’ll email your letter to County staff and Supervisors.  We hope you’ll find inspiration in this tool, and take a minute to tell Sac County that the climate matters to you and why you want strong action.

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