Sacramento County Climate Action Plan (September 2022)

Dear Fellow Climate Advocates,

We've been trying hard for more than three years to get Sacramento County to get its act together and deliver a Climate Action Plan (CAP) to reduce carbon emissions and build a sustainable, livable future for all of us.

Unfortunately, as California bakes and burns, the CAP they've produced will miss those climate goals - and actually make things WORSE.

You can keep reading this and the next page for more context, but here's our ask for you:

We need your voice. Use this tool to send in a public comment to prevent Sacramento County from committing to a bad climate plan. Our basic message is:

If you don't substantially improve this proposal, then don't approve it - a bad CAP is worse than none. We need a good, visionary CAP to set the direction for a livable future!

The CAP comment period ends and Supervisors are scheduled to vote on the CAP on September 27, 2022.

We've set up a tool on the next page (click the "Start Writing" button) with tips to help you write your comment, and it'll automatically submit for you! Whether you want to dive in and share your story, or even if your comment is just a sentence, every comment that we send in matters – our goal is to show how many people think this is a problem and that Sacramento County needs to do better.

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