Save Caltrain rail service and let voters decide


Caltrain is in danger of shutting down rail service. COVID has devastated their ridership and they need more revenue to keep functioning. Their last hope is a 0.125% sales tax increase, or $125 for every $100,000 in sales.

All three counties that oversee Caltrain must agree together to do the tax. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is the only power that can now put the Caltrain funding measure on the November ballot for San Francisco voters to decide.

Muni pays $15.6 million per year to Caltrain. If the measure passes, Muni can use that money for operations and to help fill its own budget crisis.

If the tax does not pass, Caltrain may never recover from its ridership death spiral. This will mean more cars on the road, more traffic, and more toxic air. Essential low-income workers and residents who rely on Caltrain to get to work and to see their families will face worse commutes. A Caltrain shutdown is bad for transit and bad for the environment.

Caltrain is also now doing vital equity work and working on discounted fare programs for low-income households. Thousands of low-income workers rely on Caltrain to get to work and make essential trips. Many cannot afford a car or other ways to get around. If Caltrain loses funding, all this progress is in danger of being lost.

There is still time for the San Francisco Supervisors, including Board of Supervisors President Norman Yee, to put this vital measure for before voters. Please act now and lend your support to keep Caltrain running.

Read more details from Friends of Caltrain.

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