Save Lake Tarleton and protect the White Mountain National Forest!

Rob Wipfler

Save Lake Tarleton!

Spectacular Lake Tarleton and surrounding forests along the Appalachian Trail corridor comprise one of New Hampshire's treasured landscapes. Long celebrated for its exceptional water quality, its value as a recreational resource, and its vital habitat for a wide range of native wildlife, Lake Tarleton is the largest waterbody on the White Mountain National Forest and - with majestic Mt. Moosilauke rising above - one of the most scenic mountain lakes in the Granite State.

This treasured area is too ecologically valuable to jeopardize with road building and 900 acres of logging, but that is exactly the future that the White Mountain National Forest has envisioned for it in the so-called “Tarleton Integrated Resource Project.” Just two decades ago, the forests surrounding Lake Tarleton were added to the White Mountain National Forest after a significant public campaign to remove the threat of damaging development. Tragically, threats to this iconic landscape have returned.

Approval of the Tarleton Integrated Resource Project was slated for early 2022, but due to public outcry, implementation has been delayed.

Time is running out to avert catastrophe and chart a new path. Now is the time to raise your voice and let decision-makers know that you want to permanently protect Lake Tarleton!

Please sign our petition and send a letter to the NH Congressional Delegation and leaders of the White Mountain National Forest.

The land and water of the Lake Tarleton area are too precious to put on the chopping block. Please take action to permanently protect Lake Tarleton and its watershed for future generations!
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