Save Our Retirees - Send Proposed Charter Amendment to City Atty to be included on Nov. 2022 ballot

Some of Our Most Vulnerable Retired City Workers Are Facing Poverty

They Need Our Help

There are 4,500 city retirees, many of whom are pushing 90-years-old, struggling to pay their rent and put food on the table. Changes in the city charter compromised their pension and now they are forced to live on as little as $22,000 a year. They need their supplemental COLA restored NOW before they are all gone. Our goal: get a proposed Charter Amendment on the Nov. 2022 ballot to restore their benefits.

After a lifetime of serving the City of San Francisco as teachers, bus drivers, court workers, facility managers and more, our most vulnerable seniors have suffered a grave injustice – their promise of a secure and dignified retirement has been broken – all due to a change in the City’s charter in 2011. Now, time is running out for these vulnerable seniors.

The “Restore Retired City Workers Earned Benefits 2021” Campaign has a simple solution. With the SF Employee Retirement Fund fully funded, it can afford to take care of those they left behind.

Here’s where you can help – send the attached letter to your Supervisor plus the Mayor, asking them to put our proposed Charter Amendment to restore their benefits on the Nov. 2022 ballot.

The campaign has already raised over $100,000 and garnered a growing list of support from labor and community groups including CARA, SEIU 1021 COPE, Protect Our Benefits, RECCSF, Firefighters 798, SF POA, as well as hundreds of individuals. You can read more about our critical mission and supporter list on our website,

Time is running out for these senior retirees. Please honor them by helping us get this proposed amendment on the Nov. 2022 ballot. Thank you in advance for your attention and support on this important matter.

In unity,

Restore Retired City Workers Earned Benefits

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