Save Transit - Fully Fund the Seattle TBD

The Seattle City Council is working on a renewal of the Seattle Transit Benefit District (TBD) to replace the TBD voters passed in 2014: a measure that has been hugely successful and contributed to our nation-leading ridership growth. Unfortunately, the TBD council is considering is essentially a transit cut, providing only 25% of the service passed in 2014.  

Unless the proposal is improved, this cut will kick in just as Seattle struggles to recover post Covid-19 - a crisis that will likely leave many unable to afford the high cost of owning a car.  

That's why we're asking the Seattle city council to approve the entire 0.2% sales tax to keep transit moving when many Seattleites will need it most. Though using sales tax is far from ideal, the proposed 75% cut to TBD transit hours is unacceptable for many Seattleites who will rely on our system more than ever.  

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