#SaveSheikhJarrah - protect Palestinian families and stop Israeli ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem!

Palestinian Jerusalemite families are facing imminent forced eviction from their homes by illegal Israeli settlers, backed by the Israeli state. The attack on Sheikh Jarrah is part and parcel of the ongoing and systematic ethnic cleansing targeting Palestinians in Jerusalem and is part of the ongoing Nakba. Join Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, to call on members of Congress to save Sheikh Jarrah.

Four Palestinian families have been ordered by an Israeli district court to leave their homes by May 2 or face forced eviction, while three more families have been ordered evicted by August. We need to receive as many signatures and letters as possible in April to make it clear that this eviction must not be allowed to take place!

The U.S. provides Israel with over $3.8 billion annually in military assistance, directly implicating the United States in Israeli crimes throughout occupied Palestine, including the assault on Palestinian existence and identity in Jerusalem.

Since 1972, the residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, north of the Old City of Jerusalem, have been facing an Israeli plan to displace them and build a settlement on the rubble of their homes. Today the people of Sheikh Jarrah are being threatened by intensified Israeli measures to implement this plan, with the issuance of successive Israeli court orders in favor of the settler organizations leading this expansionist scheme.

The attack on Sheikh Jarrah is specifically an attack on Palestinian refugees displaced from their original homes and lands in 1948. Members of Congress must speak out to stop this U.S.-funded and U.S.-supported ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Jerusalem.