SAY NO TO HB 151: Stop the Higher Education Destruction Act

House Bill 151 (and its companion Senate Bill 83), better known as The Higher Education Destruction Act, is a sweeping higher education bill attacking academic freedom and a student’s freedom to learn.

HB 151 weaponizes “intellectual diversity” to censor honest education by:

  • Restricting the ability of faculty and staff to discuss "controversial matters" including "climate policies, electoral politics, foreign policy, diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, immigration policy, marriage, or abortion"
  • Restricting training on diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Banning workers' right to strike, impacting faculty and a wide range of campus staff
  • Restricting programming that serves students of any particular identity group, including campus traditions like Black Graduation or Lavender Graduation
  • Creating massive bureaucratic demands around the reporting of syllabi, evaluations, and other administrative tasks
  • Enforcing a state-mandated post-tenure review policy and other micromanagement of higher education
  • Banning any higher ed institution from taking a stance on "controversial matters"

HB 151 creates excessive bloat, costs, and bureaucracy on public campuses across the state. Overall, this bill makes Ohio colleges and universities less competitive and less attractive to both student and faculty recruitment, it makes Ohio graduates less employable, and it makes Ohio a less welcoming state for all of us.

None of this enhances higher education or creates a better future for Ohio’s students and communities. This bill could do real, irreversible damage to our institutions of higher education.

HB 151 is BAD for students. BAD for higher education. BAD for Ohio.

URGE LEGISLATORS TO STOP HB 151 – Email the House Higher Education Committee today!