SB 751 & HB 1607 - Educator Evaluation System

We’re making great progress on reforming Pennsylvania’s educator evaluation system so that our evaluations focus more on classroom observation and less on standardized test results.

The Pennsylvania House Education Committee recently approved the educator evaluation reform bill we’ve been working so hard to pass. Now there's a very good possibility it could be voted on by the full House this week.

Contact your state representative RIGHT NOW and ask him or her to support Senate Bill 751.

Here’s what you need to know.

Senate Bill 751 passed the state Senate in June. I testified before the House Education Committee on Oct. 28 and let committee members know how important these bills are.

Lawmakers have been listening to us. Thanks to you, we have a real chance to get this done.  

Here is what Senate Bill 751 does:

  • Reduces the student performance component of an evaluation to 30 percent for classroom teachers and 10 percent for non-teaching professionals.
  • Increases the classroom observation component of an evaluation to 70 percent for classroom teachers and 90 percent for non-teaching professionals.
  • Recognizes the impact of poverty on student performance by adjusting the SPP score.
  • Shortens the “needs improvement window” so that educators can only receive an “unsatisfactory” rating if they receive two “needs improvement” ratings in four years, rather than 10 years under current law.
  • Ensures there are no caps on the number of educators who can receive a “distinguished” rating.
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years. So, let’s keep telling our state representatives that it’s time to get this done.

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