Tell lawmakers to pass SB 205!

On Monday, March 25, the Senate will hear a critical bill that protects your right to a fair workload and overtime compensation.

Senate Bill 205 by Sen. Miguez would require additional compensation for teachers who work overtime or beyond their regular duties under specific circumstances, as well as compensate for planning time.

The proposed law provides that the salaries provided in the salary schedules must be considered full compensation for all work required and performed by each employee within their prescribed duties and responsibilities, including only those specifically identified and described in their job description.

Additional compensation must be provided as follows:

  • Overtime work of nonexempt employees under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act to be paid in accordance with that federal law.

  • Planning time as provided in present law and work of employees beyond the scope of their prescribed duties and responsibilities, including participation of employees other than coaches in after-school activities directly involving students, to be paid at the effective hourly rate of the employee–calculated by dividing the employee's annual salary by 1,456.

ACT NOW and make your voice heard. Click "start writing" to send a letter to the Senate, and ask them to vote for Senate Bill 205.