Make your voice heard on Senate Bill 24 (Stand Your Ground) legislation

The Urban League of the State of Arkansas' Young Professionals group is asking Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson to put the safety of his constituents first as he reviews Senate Bill 24. Such laws have typically led to increases in homicides, injuries, and disproportionately impact communities of color.

Senate Bill 24 commonly known as "Stand Your Ground" has passed both chambers of the Arkansas Legislature and is headed to the desk of our Governor, Asa Hutchinson for his consideration; he has the opportunity to direct the next steps of this proposed legislation.

Arkansas already has self-defense laws that allow Arkansans to properly defend themselves and their loved ones in any situation. The proposed "Stand Your Ground" law, is similar to laws in surrounding states where they have repeatedly failed to deter crime and resulted in an increase of unjustified homicides by those who thought they'd be protected by such laws.

"Stand Your Ground" laws cause confusion and create a pathway for private citizens to become the judge, jury, and executioner.

Our Governor needs to hear from you NOW!

Does Arkansas need a Stand Your Ground Law?