Senate Bill 231 is Wrong for Alabama - Tell Lawmakers to VOTE NO!

Senate Bill 231 attempts to prevent Alabama’s working families from organizing their workplace.

Let’s be clear: What this bill wants to do — prohibit Alabama businesses receiving state economic subsidies from voluntarily recognizing a union in their workplace — is federally illegal.

Voluntary recognition of representation is protected by the NLRA. NLRA protections and prohibitions cannot be circumvented by state legislation. The fundamental right of voluntary recognition has been upheld time and time again in courtrooms.

Senate Bill 231 is an illegal attack on working people and private businesses in Alabama.

When workers are asking for basic rights and are supported by the employer, the state government stepping in to ban that recognition simultaneously harms workers and takes away individual freedoms from business owners.

A majority of Americans would join a union right now if they could, and working people across all sectors of the economy are organizing like never before. The new era of the Alabama labor movement is here and S.B. 231 is evidence that greedy CEOs are scared of workers getting their fair share.
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