Send a letter to Caribbean United Nations Ambassadors urging them to vote no to Canada's bid for the Security Council

Take 2 minutes to encourage all Caribbean Ambassadors to the United Nation to vote against Canada’s bid for the 'Western Europe and Others' seats on the UN Security Council.


An open letter signed by more than 3000 people and dozens of prominent artists, activists and academics  including David Suzuki, Roger Waters, Noam Chomsky, and Pam Palmater points out how the Trudeau government has been offside with most UN member states on a host of issues. The letter also criticizes Canadian militarism, support for controversial mining companies, anti-Palestinian positions and climate policies.

While the Canadian government often uses progressive, internationalist rhetoric, its current actions and failure to apologize for its imperialist, racist past belie the claims.

For example, over the past two years Ottawa has sought to undercut CARICOM’s non-interventionist position towards Venezuela. Canadian officials have repeatedly pressured CARICOM countries to join its campaign to remove President Nicolás Maduro. In September Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raised the issue of Venezuela with CARICOM Chair Allen Chastanet and five months earlier Canadian officials facilitated a video link meeting between self-declared Venezuelan President Juan Guaido and CARICOM members. Alongside Peru, Canada launched the “Lima Group” of anti-Maduro countries in mid 2017 after the Organization of American States, primarily Caribbean member states, refused to criticize Venezuela.

Can you join me and write a letter specifically to UN ambassadors for Caribbean nation states?

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