Send a Letter to the Union County Board of Education: Reinstate Virtual Fridays!

With the announcement from Governor Cooper that districts were allowed to return to Plan A, we knew that Union County would want to reopen ASAP. However, the community was led to believe that Virtual Fridays would continue, regardless of schools being fully open. In the latest decision, our school board removed those days from the schedule, despite the fact that schools have many students still in full virtual for the remainder of the year. These Fridays are critical to be able to do the planning necessary for in-person and virtual instruction and to connect one-on-one with virtual students.

Immediately upon hearing the board's decision Monday night, there was a petition created in the hopes of getting these crucial Fridays back. The petition has over 8,000 signatures. The petition is only one way we can fight back. We are asking that you join us in raising your voice and demanding that we see the return of Virtual Friday! While you are here, click "Start Writing" to use a template or create your own letter to urge the board to keep Virtual Fridays.