Fire Ron DeSantis with a Pink Slip

Fire Radical Ron DeSantis with a pink slip

Ron DeSantis in an authoritarian. Send Radical Ron DeSantis a pink slip.

We are notifying Radical Ron DeSantis of his dismissal from any and all political office(s), effective at the end of his current term as governor, for the following reasons:

  • Creating a culture of fear that pits Floridians against each other

  • Depriving families of healthcare options by preventing Medicaid expansion and signing into law a near total abortion ban

  • Misappropriation of public funds, including his political stunt of busing people from Texas to Martha's Vineyard

  • Diverting funds from public schools to charter schools

  • Approving history, book, and art bans in our public schools

  • Firing and silencing critics

  • Hiding meeting, communication, and travel records

  • Endangering the health and well-being of folks by downplaying the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine

  • Endangering the state by removing gun permit requirements and refusing to be open to common sense gun laws (did you know Florida's firearm death rate is 56% higher than California’s?)

Given all of this, the governor is being sent a pink slip for his failure to work for the good people of Florida. The Governor’s actions, as demonstrated above, are extreme and supportive of the party of MAGA, which has diverged from the Republican party and has been corrupted and spoiled by former MAGA president, his administration, and complicit members of Congress.

Radical Ron DeSantis purports to champion freedom, but his actions have demonstrated otherwise. He has silenced critics and militarized a force against voters. He has stripped away Floridians’ freedom of choice, freedom to union organize, freedom to hold polluters and corporations accountable, freedom to discuss race and gender at school, freedom to live with respect and dignity while awaiting a pathway to citizenship, and more.

Americans deserve a leader that will not embolden hate and division (like Ron DeSantis), but rather stand up on a daily basis against racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, anti-semitism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, sizeism, ageism, ableism, and bigotry.

Please take 1 (one) minute to fire Ron DeSantis with a pink slip. OPEN TO ALL RESIDENTS IN ALL STATES.