Share CBC's JNF exposé with your Member of Parliament

Did you read it?

CBC just dropped an explosive exposé about how the Jewish National Fund of Canada supports the Israeli military and settlement project in the West Bank!

Check out our press release here.

As I’m sure you know, such prime coverage is extremely rare for us and is a major breakthrough in our campaign to have JNF Canada’s tax-deductible status revoked.

This exposé is huge, and you bet that there will be people who want to bury it.

That’s where you come in. We want to get this article circulated as widely as possible and make sure the JNF is held accountable for their crimes.  

Please take a few minutes to send an email sharing this story with your Members of Parliament to make sure they know about the JNF’s blatant violations!

Please also take a few minutes to share the story via social media with the hashtags #StopJNFCanada and #EndTaxBreaks4Colonization

For more information about what’s wrong with JNF Canada, check out our brand new campaign site:

Together we will #StopJNFCanada.