SIGN AND SEND LETTER TODAY - URGENT: Action Alert: Request to Support Multiligualism in California



Your help is needed to convince the members of the Legislative Budget Sub-Committees on Education Finance to provide funding for the purpose of promoting and supporting biliteracy and multilingualism for all students, from Early Childhood through the 12th grade!

Please enter your contact information and click on "Start Writing" to sign the letter to let Assembly Member McCarty, chairperson of the Assembly Budget Subcommittee #2, and the committee members know how important this is to our children, schools and communities. We need them to approve this budget request and the inclusion of $114 million dollars over 3 years in the proposed 2019-2020 state budget; $84 million for LEAs for bilingual programs and building bilingual teacher capacity and $30 million for professional development for ECE teachers.

Continued investments by the Legislature in programs, professional learning, building bilingual teacher capacity, and early childhood dual language learning are critical for preparing all of our students, including English learners, to graduate with biliteracy skills and cross-cultural competencies and to contribute and compete in a global economy.

Please act TODAY and sign the letter! Join us in ensuring opportunities are available to not only support students acquiring English but to value bilingualism, biliteracy, and the language assets of our state’s diverse student population in the years to come!

Letters must be sent by 3:00 p.m. Tuesday, May 21, 2019!!

Please enter your contact information in the form on the right and click "START WRITING."

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Letter Campaign by
Shelly  Spiegel Coleman
Long Beach, California