Speaker Heastie and Assemblymember Glick — Pass the Enhanced Public Participation Act A6584A

While the New York State Cumulative Impacts law advocates passed in 2022 focuses on the granting of permits, the Enhanced Public Participation Act (S.2510A/A.6584A) focuses on community input and participation, requiring applicants for major polluting projects looking to site in or near a disadvantaged community to submit an enhanced public participation plan for community engagement.

People living in communities of color and low-income have historically been shut out of this process when polluting facilities are being placed in their neighborhoods. And even when we hear about such a project, our voices are marginalized or outright ignored.

The Enhanced Public Participation Act is a critical addition to the Cumulative Impacts law, ensuring that strong comprehensive plans are in place to secure meaningful environmental justice community input on new projects.

Communities across New York State ask that the bill be put on the agenda of the Environmental Conversation Committee and be put up for a vote on the floor.

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