Stand Up for Trees! Stop NC HB 496

We need your help!

Last month the North Carolina General Assembly introduced a bill that has the potential to increase the rapid loss of trees and green space across our beautiful state.

Every 2 seconds, we lose a football field worth of trees. In the past 150 years, we have lost half of the topsoil worldwide. Worse yet, 2/3 of our aquifers on this planet are running dry, based on NASA monitoring. We cannot afford ANY steps backwards right now.

HB496 is a very big step backwards for all of the issues listed above - trees, soil, and water are essential to us having a healthy planet. This bill will give developers free rein to cut down all trees on every site, disregard soil erosion, and contaminate local water. This is not just bad for our communities, but it's bad for business too!

The gains we have made in our local cities to protect trees, soil, and water have been due to efforts by local citizens and officials. The results represent our local decision-making power as a community. We do not need the state telling us that we have no right to save and protect our local environment.

I urge you to vote NO on NC HB 496.

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Durham , North Carolina