Stand with AFSE: Support Fair Negotiations at NEA

Your voice matters in this critical moment. Stand with AFSE in our fight for fair labor practices and a respectful negotiation process. Let’s show NEA that union values are non-negotiable!

Why Your Letter Matters:

  • Highlighting Unfair Labor Practices: AFSE members have been without a contract since June 1st, 2023. We have faced anti-union behavior from NEA including bad faith bargaining, refusal and/or delay in providing information, and coercive actions. Your letter can shine a light on these issues and demand accountability.
  • Supporting Key Issues: AFSE members seek to address issues similar to those impacting educators across the country like cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs), recognition of experience through salary steps, and the reduction of temporary positions.
Campaign Updates:

  • October 29th: 100% of AFSE members declare their willingness to strike.
  • November 6th: The Executive Committee of AFSE unanimously calls for a strike vote of the membership.
  • November 10th: The Executive Committee of the National Staff Organization (NSO) unanimously votes to impose sanctions on NEA.
  • November 11th: AFSE members vote to authorize the AFSE Bargaining team to call for a strike.
  • November 16th: NEA cancels the Year Round Organizing Conference and partially locks out AFSE staff by unilaterally canceling all travel arrangements after 12:00 AM on Friday, November 17th.
  • November 17th: After massive pressure from AFSE supporters, NEA backtracks on attempted lock out.

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