Tell your senator: Support Essential Workers. Pass a Stimulus with the Essential Workers Bill of Rights.

Essential workers have continued to ensure that we can have access to food, health care, sanitation, and other vital goods and services.

Yet our country has failed to take care of these workers.   Every day, essential workers labor in unsafe conditions without appropriate equipment, safety standards, or job protections.

We have a moral responsibility to ensure the health, well-being and financial security of all essential workers as well as those who are unable to work.

Together we must insist that the next federal stimulus package includes the urgent provisions laid out in the Essential Workers Bill of Rights: health and safety protections, fair compensation, truly universal sick and family leave, health care security and job protections.   We must also oppose any provision that lets corporations who egregiously put workers' lives at risk off the hook by granting them immunity for COVID-related lawsuits.