State-Based Universal Healthcare


Suggested text of email to your Representative:

As your constituent, I am writing to encourage you to cosponsor Rep. Ro Khanna's State-Based Universal Health Care (SBUHC) Act of 2019.

Healthcare costs per person in the USA are about double what other nations pay, yet our outcomes are mediocre at best. Despite the massive spending by taxpayers and employers, the USA languishes behind dozen of other nations in key areas including: infant mortality, life expectancy, work days lost to illness, medical bankruptcies, un- and under-insurance rates, and many others.

Only a guaranteed universal health plan will deliver the care we need while containing costs. A SBUHC will save lives and save money—for the USA, the states, employers, and individuals as patients and as taxpayers.

Rep. Jayapal's SBUHC 2018 was HR 6097. Rep. Khanna's bill adds Dreamers and regional enabling language, in particular.

You may connect with Rep Khanna's staffer for more info.: