Stop Another Year of Tuition & Fee Increases


The House Ways & Means budget proposal released on April 10th underfunds public colleges and universities by nearly $60 million for the 2017-2018 academic year, passing on huge cost increases to students and families.

Amendment #324 to H.3600, "Restore Funding for Public Higher Education," sponsored by Rep. Natalie Higgins would increase funding by tens of millions of dollars to prevent program cuts or tuition and fee increases.

Amendment #82 to H3600, "Faculty Access and Investment Fund," sponsored by Rep. Paul Mark and Rep. John Scibak would increase funding to hire more full-time faculty and ensure that part-time and non-tenure track faculty get pay and benefits equity with full-time faculty.

Amendment #1115 to H3600, "Public Higher Education Collective Labor Contracts," sponsored by several representatives makes the state pay its promised share of contract agreements at our public colleges and universities.

Amendment #1167 to H.3600, "Protecting Public Higher Education Student Information," sponsored by Rep. Michael Moran would protect student information from sale or misuse.

Take action and tell our State Reps to stop yet another year of tuition and fee increases!

The Massachusetts Legislature has cut state funding for public higher education by 31% per student since 2001, causing thousands of dollars in tuition and fee increases for working students. Both Governor Baker's budget proposal and the House Ways & Means budget proposal would cause a tuition and fee hike at our 29 public college and university campuses.

Meanwhile, our neighbors in New York passed four years of tuition-free public college this year.

The House Ways & Means proposal underfunds UMass by over $25 million, the State Universities by over $18 million, and the Community Colleges by nearly $15 million.