Stop Tuition & Fee Increases at Massachusetts Public Colleges


Email your State Rep and Senator using this action tool!

The MA "Budget Conference Committee" is currently deciding how much YOUR tuition and fees will go up next year. The MA House and Governor Baker would underfund public colleges and universities by $50 million, causing a large tuition and fee increase at community colleges, UMass, and state universities. The MA Senate improved on that by $40 million, limiting any tuition and fee increases.

BUT the "Conference Committee" can still cut funding and cause a large tuition and fee increase. Send them an email letter with this tool, and then FOLLOW UP with a call (script below)!

You can find your state senator and representative's phone number at

Here is the contact info for the "Budget Conference Committee" members. Send them an email after you've contacted your own state lawmakers.

Rep. Todd Smola, State House - Room 124,

Sen. Karen Spilka, State House - Room 212,

Sen. Vinny deMacedo, State House - Room 313C,

Sen. Sal DiDomenico, State House - Room 208,

Rep. Stephen Kulik, State House - Room 238,

Rep. Brian Dempsey, State House - Room 243,

Don't know what to say? Here's a draft script:

Hello. I am constituent of Senator/Representative (Blank), and I am calling regarding funding for public colleges and universities in the 2018 budget.

Please contact the members of the Budget Conference Committee that are currently finalizing the budget and ask them to use the Senate Budget figures for our public colleges and universities.

The Massachusetts Legislature has cut state funding for public higher education by 31% per student since 2001, causing thousands of dollars in tuition and fee increases for working students. Both Governor Baker's budget proposal and the House budget proposal underfund public colleges and universities by over $50 million and would cause yet another tuition and fee hike at our 29 public campuses.

The Senate budget proposal is a $40 million improvement that could limit a tuition and fee increase next year.

Meanwhile, our neighbors in New York passed
four years of tuition-free public college.

Students and families are going to face the heavy burden of a tuition and fee increase next year. Our public colleges and universities already cost thousands of dollars a year just for tuition and fees. That makes it difficult to go to school, work, and support myself and my family. We cannot afford even higher costs this year.

Faculty and staff at our public colleges and universities already face cuts, and adjunct faculty do not receive equal pay for equal work. Yet another year of underfunding will make these and other problems even worse.