Stop Asian Hate


Since its launch on March 19, 2020 Stop AAPI Hate has received 2,583 reports of anti–Asian nationwide. This twenty–week report reveals clear trends that have been consistent since the start of data collection.

Types of Discrimination

  • Seven out of ten incidents involved verbal harassment, which included racial slurs, name calling, and profanities.
  • Shunning, the deliberate avoidance of AAPIs because of their race, constituted 22% of the incidents.
  • Physical assaults made up 9% of the incidents.
  • Potential civil rights violations, including workplace discrimination and being barred from establishments and transportation,comprised 8% of the incidents.


We are asking our local legislators for the following:

1. Establish a task force with the community to create an environment of safety. The Taskforce shall be composed of community members and grassroots organizations.
2. Conduct conversations with the community to discuss long-term solutions to the issue and unite on solutions through forums, panels, community town halls, assemblies, etc.
3. Provide more funding for community programs led by community members who have relationships with populations impacted.
4. Ensure tracking of anti-Asian hate crimes. Determine the method of tracking and reporting the incidents by surveying the communities on their preferred means to report incidents of hate.
5. Develop community-centered, community-crafted, and culturally sensitive protocols to addressing anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination.
6. Conduct cultural sensitivity training for law enforcement; stakeholders and a commitment from City Council to concretely hold bad actors accountable.
7. Implement a long-term education campaign by integrating the value and history of Asian American and Pacific Islanders in society in the school curriculum.

We hope you can get behind these 7 asks and send them a letter today!

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Jersey City, New Jersey