Stop Corporate Farmland Grabs in the Farm Bill!

Photo Credit: Lance Cheung

A new bill called the Farmland for Farmers Act was just introduced in Congress by Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) which would ban corporations from buying farmland and accessing U.S. federal agriculture programs meant for family farmers. This is HUGE because it would keep farmland in the hands of families and communities and stop land grabs. Please join us today and send a message to your Member of Congress encouraging them to co-sponsor the bill!

As the climate crisis intensifies, we need to ensure our agricultural systems are more resilient to extreme weather and can produce healthy and nutritious food for communities. That is why it is so important for families and communities to be the ones to manage farmland. Financial corporations are often only focused on quarterly profits and have to do what is best for shareholders, not for communities. They shouldn't be in charge of farmland and farming at such a critical time while 400 million acres of U.S. farmland will change hands by 2030. If a new generation of family farmers can't access land, they could be shut out of farming completely.