Stop Diverting Public Dollars to Private Schools

In the 2022 Legislative Session, lawmakers are considering House Bill 60 and House Bill 999, two bills that would enact or expand voucher programs to take hundreds of millions of dollars of state money away from public schools and send them to private schools. They may also consider House Bill 142, another voucher bill.

House Bill 60 and House Bill 999 would create a new voucher. House Bill 142 would grow an existing voucher. Vouchers funnel public dollars to private schools—and these bills come at a time when our public schools are already underfunded.

This comes as Georgia's lawmakers underfunded the school funding formula for 18 of the last 21 years.

Lawmakers concerned about the quality of education during the pandemic should instead invest in the state’s communities and disadvantaged populations by passing legislation like House Bill 10, which would provide additional funding for public school students living in poverty.

Write a letter to your lawmakers today and ask them to oppose House Bill 60, House Bill 999 and House Bill 142. These bills use public funds for private schools.