Stop Diverting Public Dollars to Private Schools

This session lawmakers have considered House Bill 60, House Bill 142 and Senate Bill 47, three bills that would enact or expand voucher programs to take hundreds of millions of dollars of state money away from public schools and send them to private schools. Senate Bill 47 remains in discussions in the General Assembly, and this legislation would funnel public funding to private schools and may lead students with disabilities to lose many federal protections.

In order to fully support students with disabilities, lawmakers should invest in the place they are most protected. Legislation that would support both urban and rural Georgia, where no private schools exist, should be prioritized, as well as investing in higher pay for special education teachers.

This also comes as Georgia's K-12 public schools are operating with a $383 million budget cut this school year and will continue to be underfunded with the governor's latest budget proposal.

Lawmakers concerned about the quality of education during the pandemic should instead invest in the state’s communities and disadvantaged populations by passing legislation like House Bill 10, which would provide additional funding for public school students living in poverty.

Write a letter to your lawmakers today and ask them to oppose House Bill 60, House Bill 142 and Senate Bill 47. These bills use public funds for private schools.