Stop Judicial Redistricting: Protect the Independence of Our Judiciary

In order for our democracy to function as it should, our courts must remain apolitical. The judiciary cannot protect our liberties if it is stripped of its independence. This is especially cause for concern in Pennsylvania, where our courts are facing partisan attacks by politicians.

In the 2019 - 2020 legislative session, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed a constitutional amendment that would empower our state legislature to create judicial districts for Pennsylvania's higher courts. Candidates for Supreme Court and other appeals courts would be elected by voters in these districts, rather than in statewide elections.

The bill was pushed through without public hearings, expert testimony or any hint of due diligence, with just minutes spent in discussion in both House and Senate committees. If the amendment passes again in the current legislative session, it could go to a public vote this year.

Judges are required to interpret, apply and uphold the laws and the constitution. Pennsylvania's appellate court judges make decisions which apply equally to all Pennsylvanians. They should not be required to follow constituents' opinions or desires, and their decisions should not be for sale.

Please stand with us now to defend our courts and judicial independence. We urge you to contact your state representative and senator and urge them to vote NO on judicial redistricting.

Letter Campaign by
Maida Milone
PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania