Stop Manchin's FERC!

Since Joe Manchin took over FERC they have approved more than 79 million tons of CO2

Corrupt coal baron Senator Joe Manchin now effectively controls FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. You can read more about our research and action on our website.

On the morning of January 19th, when the FERC commissioners have their monthly meeting, we will take action in front of the FERC DC headquarters in DC with three demands:

  1. Congress needs to pass legislation to replace FERC with a Federal RENEWABLE Energy Commission, FREC.
  2. Senator Schumer and President Biden must remove Joe Manchin as chair of the Senate Energy Committee.
  3. Staff and employees at FERC must resist Manchin. It is these government workers we are speaking directly to today. Telling them not to approve new permits, or turn a blind eye to climate and environmental justice impacts.

You can support our action, wherever you are, by sending a message to FERC, and ccing President Biden and Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

FERC needs to stop being a rubber stamp agency for the methane gas industry. Yet last March, after FERC under the leadership of Richard Glick had begun to take steps toward reform, Manchin used his power to stop it, in collaboration with other FERC commissioners.

Since Manchin began to pressure FERC decisions- FERC has approved natural gas projects that amount to a cumulative 282,866,661 metric tons of C02 a year. That is equivalent to

  • 76 coal plants
  • 6 Mountain Valley Pipelines
  • 1,561,936 Rail Cars of Coal
  • 60,949,062 Gas Powered Cars Driving for 1 Year

Then, after President Biden in September nominated Glick for a second term, Manchin refused to hold a hearing on that nomination, so Glick is now gone.

FERC is broken and weak. It must be re-made into a strong renewable energy advocate. And staff at this supposedly independent regulator must stand up for themselves, the planet, and the communities and people they are supposed to work for. Rise up with us and stop Joe Manchin's FERC!