Stop Pepco's Price Hike!

One of the most effective actions you can take for climate justice right now as a DC resident is to express your concern about Pepco's proposed electricity price hike. Pepco wants to raise annual prices by more than $100 despite the pandemic, and none of that money would fund clean energy deployment. Pepco's proposal would hurt working class Washingtonians while doing nothing to support DC's ambitious climate goals.

Press "Start Writing." You will see the list of Public Service Commission (PSC) officials who will receive your letter. The PSC is the DC government agency that will decide on Pepco's proposal.

Underneath, you can check out the sample text we put together for you in the right hand column. HOWEVER! It is always more effective to add personal stories or sentiment to your note. Please feel free to replace the suggested text with anything you want to communicate to the Public Service Commission (which is supposed to be representing OUR interests when it comes to regulating Pepco) in regards to the price hike in the middle of a pandemic.

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