Tell the Montclair Board of Ed to stop gutting Montclair's staff!

The Montclair School District on Friday notified employees that it was cutting 83 staff positions, including four kindergarten teachers, 15 art, dance and music teachers, five curriculum support teachers, 48 paraprofessionals who work with our most vulnerable students, and more. This amounts to nearly four times what was originally discussed in the District’s proposed budget, and there is little evidence to support the need for such a drastic measure.

Montclair Public Schools must be a place where our children can grow and thrive under robust humanities and special education programs, delivered by high-quality educators and support professionals. These dedicated employees shouldn’t be considered an expendable line item in the district’s budget.

Email the Montclair Board of Education.  Tell them that Montclair’s students deserve the best educational experience possible and demand an explanation for the sudden increase in cuts.

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