Stop the Ordinance to Curtail/Regulate Food & Resource Sharing

Please help stop the Harmful Narrative, Policies, & Practices toward our Houseless Neighbors.

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At BeLoved, we do so much of our work in public where our friends on the streets and neighbors who are struggling live. For years, we have gathered in parks sharing food and other resources, but more importantly, meeting our community members and building lasting community. We know so many groups and people who do the same. Will you join us in signing this petition and taking action as a group or individual?

It has come to our attention that the City of Asheville is considering an ordinance to limit the sharing of food and resources in parks limiting gatherings to less than 25, requiring a permit, and only issuing permits to a group twice a year.  

This potential ordinance is WRONG on many levels and has profound implications on those who are already suffering housing and food insecurity in our city not to mention community gatherings for family reunions, barbeques, children's birthdays and more in public parks.  

Your URGENT attention and action are needed now to call on the City to DROP this potential ordinance immediately and continue to put energy toward solutions to help people to collectively thrive.

Please take Action ASAP by signing on to the Petition and contacting City Council.

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