Stop the Plymouth Airport Expansion: Demand Change NOW!

The Plymouth Municipal Airport's daily operations are harming the public's health and well being, the environment and real estate values.

The Plymouth Airport Commissioners owe a duty to the community to operate the airport in a safe and responsible way. They are not doing this. And, they are proposing to expand the Airport!

The Airport abuts Environmental Justice neighborhoods and Myles Standish State Forest.

The Airport should NOT expand until the current problems are addressed. Residents experience excessive noise that interferes with their daily lives, they have soot and particulates covering their homes, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has directed the Airport to study the underground aquifer to make sure private and public drinking water wells are protected. These are just some problems with the Airport.

The Plymouth Selectboard appoints the Airport Commissioners. Demand accountability from the Selectboard and Commissioners. The Airport is located in both Plymouth and Carver on South Meadow Road. Join the call for better Airport operations and public accountability!

Write a letter today to Airport Commissioners, Town of Plymouth Selectboard and Town Manager, Town of Carver Selectboard and Town Administrator, Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Rebecca Tepper, U.S. Representative Bill Keating, State Senator Susan Moran and State Rep. Kathy LaNatra