Stop Unjust Evictions #SignAB1487

Even before the pandemic, landlords in California filed around 150,000 evictions a year. That’s 410 California families threatened with eviction every day; 17 every hour. We can’t go back to that old “normal”. We must support current renters before they are thrown onto the streets.

But the eviction court system is stacked against renters. Only 3% percent of renters have a lawyer when they’re forced to eviction court. 81% of landlords do. That’s not due process.

AB 1487 helps ensure that renters have somewhere to turn if they fear losing their homes by creating a statewide fund for eviction prevention and defense programs. AB 1487 will make sure that the rights for renters in the law translate to real, on the ground protections that help to stabilize our communities and economy and boost our recovery.

Tell Governor Newsom today to #SignAB1487!
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