Stop Williams NESE Pipeline NJ Comment 1: Flooding and Threatened Habitats

Join us in stopping Williams/Transco’s proposed Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) Project’s Compressor Station 206 and pipeline expansion in Old Bridge/Sayreville and under Raritan Bay that threatens our communities, the environment, and efforts to address risks from climate change in NJ and NY.


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There are many reasons to oppose NESE’s compressor station and pipeline proposed to be built in New Jersey.

1. Construction would harm the health and environments of humans, marine life and wildlife.

2. Operation of the compressor station would threaten our health from toxic air emissions.

3. Increased velocity of moving gas through pipeline that is 50+ years old risks hastening of corrosion that leads to fires and explosions.

4.  Williams/Transco has a poor safety record.

5. The NESE Project undercuts goals and efforts of NJ and NY to fight impacts of climate change, and exacerbate fracking in Pennsylvania.

6. Reports show we do not even NEED this pipeline, and there are renewable solutions.