Support AB 610: Funding for Fare-Free Student Transit Passes for All Public School Students in California

Imagine if every public school student in California from kindergarten to community college to graduate school could ride public transit for free. This is our goal with the California fare-free student transit pass program. Join us in asking state elected officials to "Get Off Your Budget and on the Bus" for fare-free transit.

Our budget request of $94 Million for student transit passes will ‘water two plants with one hose’ by funding a statewide program--Assembly Bill 610--that has been proven to increase recruitment and retention for community colleges and quickly restore transit ridership at a time when these public institutions are struggling with enrollment and ridership issues. In addition, this program is a viable strategy to reduce statewide VMT at a time when California is not on track to achieve its goals. We think this is a wise investment to quickly address three of the State’s top priorities.

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