Support 85 all-affordable homes in Mountain View!

Mountain View needs more affordable homes!

1265 Montecito Ave will be a new ground up 100% affordable 5-story 85-homes housing development with 45 on-grade parking stalls and 85 indoor, secured bike parking spaces on the 1.04 acre lot. That's more bike parking than car parking

(For those curious that's a density of 83.18 density units an acre, which is a pretty good use of space!)

This proposal includes a diverse range of housing types and options including a mix of 24 studios, 18 1-bedrooms, 21 2-bedrooms, and 22 3-bedrooms, including the staff unit.

Why it needs your support. These homes will be deeply affordable.

Affordability levels will range from 30% - 60% AMI with the average at 40% Area Median Income (AMI). This is the most deep level of affordability, that will help our most vulnerable community members. This kind of affordability is rare!

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Mountain View, CA