Support a #NYHomesGuarantee

Last year, Housing Justice for All, a coalition of over 70 organizations representing tenants, public housing residents, and homeless New Yorkers, successfully passed the strongest set of tenant protections New York State has seen in decades -- the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (HSTPA).

But in order to protect our hard-fought-for victories of 2019, we need critical legislative and budget action in 2020. Landlords on on the offensive. 92,000 people don't have a place to call home. In 2020, we need a real plan to end homelessness in New York State, and we need to fully fund our public housing. We need to end evictions.

New York State has the resources to guarantee every New Yorker a home - but instead, NY Governor Cuomo uses our state budget to funnel money to the wealthy -- billionaires like corporate landlord Stephen Ross.

We need our State Legislature to stand up to NY Governor Cuomo during the budget process, and to make a real plan to make sure there is no evictions and no homelessness in our State.