Support Ascension Rochester Medical Professionals Fighting Today For A Safer Tomorrow

We're asking you to help us make progress towards a contract that will recruit and retain the local nurses and radiology technologists. We need to fix hospital problems and provide the high-quality, community-based care you deserve.

The main component of high-quality care is having enough trained staff. In recent years, we’ve seen more turnover in our medical staff than ever, leading to understaffed units, and overworked caregivers. When there aren’t enough caregivers, patient care suffers.

A large percentage of medical staff at Ascension Rochester are temporary and Ascension doesn’t seem to think this is a problem by paying millions of dollars for temporary staff during the year of 2022. Skilled nurses and technologists continue to leave the hospital and this is affecting safe patient care. We need public support.

Technologists and Nurses are focused on reaching a fair contract agreement that allows us to retain outstanding skilled staff, recruit additional help, and ensure the hospital staff have:

  • Nurse/patient ratios to protect patient safety

  • Competitive compensation that recognizes health care providers who have advanced education, training and specialized skills.

  • A contract focused around respect, retention, and recruitment of skilled nurses and technologists to better serve our community.

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