Support legislation for more long distance bike routes!

Two long distance bicyclists stand near a trail sign with two fully loaded bikes, pointed in opposite directions.
Photo Credit: Tom and DeAnn Thorpe

Do you want more great off-road routes to explore in the coming years?

Long distance mountain bike routes like Adventure Cycling's Great Divide and Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Routes, Bikepacking Roots' Western Wildlands Route, and singletrack routes like the Arizona Trail have created exceptional opportunities for exploration and self discovery.

We want more long-distance trails to be developed across the country, so that more access is possible. Exploring our nation’s federal lands by bike is a climate friendly way to experience our country.

The Biking on Long-Distance Trails (BOLT) Act is a piece of federal legislation with bipartisan support that guides federal land managers to identify potential opportunities for the development of more long distance trails.

Write to your member of Congress and let them know that this is important to you!

The legislation will require the Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of Interior to:

  • Identify no less than 10 existing long-distance bike trails on federal lands in excess of 80 miles in distance;

  • Identify 10 areas where opportunity exists to develop or complete long-distance bike trails on federal lands in excess of 80 miles in distance;

  • Coordinate with stakeholders on feasibility of completing long distance trails and the resources necessary for such projects;

  • Publish maps, signage, and promotional materials highlighting the positive aspects of the long-distance trail network;

  • Issue a report, with input from stakeholders, outlining the details of existing and proposed long-distance trails and their promotion.

Adventure Cycling is partnering with Bikepacking Roots on this project. Bikepacking Roots is a 7,000-member-strong 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and advancing bikepacking, growing a diverse bikepacking community, advocating for the conservation of the landscapes and public lands through which we ride, and creating professional routes. We value human-powered experiences and an inclusive, engaged, and informed membership that makes a positive impact as we adventure by bike.

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