Support for Raw Milk Delivery in Massachusetts

bring back the milk man (person)!

We believe that raw milk, when handled correctly, is a safe and highly nutritious food. Currently, raw milk is only allowed to be sold from a certified raw milk producer’s property. We support bill SD.94, filed by Sen. Anne Gobi, which would allow for the delivery of raw milk directly to customers as long as the milk has been sold prior to delivery.

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Right now, there are very few raw milk dairies in the densely-populated eastern part of the state. Customers who want raw milk from this area often have to drive for an hour or more to a raw milk dairy. By opening up the market through delivery, the raw milk market would serve more customers and increase the economic vitality of small dairies.

Raw Milk Delivery Bill (SD.94: Sen. Anne Gobi)

Under this bill, raw milk farmers would be allowed to deliver milk, including by third party delivery, directly to a contracted consumer off-site from the farm, through a CSA, at a farm stand, to a residence, or to an established, non-retail receiving site. If delivered to a retail establishment, it would be accessible only to the directly contracted customers.

This site will automatically look up your state legislators. Please write your own, brief, personal email for why you support Raw Milk Delivery. Feel free to draw inspiration from the text on this action site and from our website, but please make it original: share what this means to you, personally.

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