Support HB 795 - Support, Expand and Reduce Barriers for Peer Recovery Services

House Bill HB795 establishes the use of Peer Recovery Specialists as an essential element of a coordinated system of care.

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Peer specialist use their lived experience and skills learned in training to help others achieve and maintain wellness from mental health disorders and/or substance use disorders. They support, mentor, advocate for help, and empathize with others. Peer specialists promote a sense of community among those in recovery and research has shown that peer support facilitates recovery while reducing health care costs.

More about the bill:

  • providing that the use of peer specialists is an essential element of a coordinated system of care in recovery from a mental health disorders and/or substance use disorders
  • revising background screening requirements for peer specialists that work with adults
  • authorizing the department to certify peer specialists, either directly or by approving a third-party credentialing entity, etc.
  • provides for reimbursement of recovery support services
  • encourages Medicaid managed care plans to use peer specialists in providing recovery support services.

The key improvements that this bill would create are:

  • the modification of background checks for those otherwise qualified to serve as peer specialists
  • establishes Certified Recovery Peer Specialists as essential to the recovery-oriented system of care.
  • expands the use of peer specialists as a cost-effective means of providing services
  • ensures that peer specialists meet specified qualifications and modified background screening
  • ensures CRPS are adequately reimbursed for their services, helping to expand and support a stable workforce

Let's all take action to support, expand and reduce barriers for peer support services!