Support Krabbe Newborn Screening in Virginia

Ask Virginia lawmakers to support adding Krabbe to VA's Newborn Screening Panel.

Virginia's Nikola Grujicic is affected by Krabbe Disease and was diagnosed after he was symptomatic, too late to receive lifesaving treatment for the disease.

For diseases like Krabbe, early detection through newborn screening is essential to preventing devastating consequences such as permanent physical and mental disabilities and even death. For children with Krabbe Disease, newborn screening is the only way to ensure all children are eligible for treatment through a cord blood transplant.

Ask VA legislators to support funding Krabbe Newborn Screening by telling them about the importance of newborn screening and what it means to you! By filling out this form, your message will be sent to your state senator and representative.

Please note: Let VA legislators know why you want their support of this important issue by personalizing the message below. Also, your signature and contact information will automatically be included in the signature line.

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