Support legal case against arms transfers from Canada

After the International Court of Justice concluded Israel is “plausibly” committing genocide Canada failed to state that Israel is legally bound by the ICJ ruling and that Canada respects the ruling. Instead, Ottawa suspended funds to the UN aid agency for Palestinian refugees!

While the Trudeau government doubles down on its role in enabling Israel’s genocide, the pushback against direct Canadian military complicity is growing. In response to the World Court ruling, the NDP and Greens have become increasingly vocal in their call for Canada to adopt an arms embargo on Israel while the Bloc Québécois and some Liberal MPs appear to be expressing support for this demand. Ratcheting up the pressure, Canadian Lawyers for Human Rights and Al-Haq recently announced that they will pursue the Trudeau government legally if it doesn’t halt arms exports to Israel, which they say violate Canada’s Export and Import Permits Act and obligations under the Arms Trade Treaty. In a detailed legal complaint the groups have given Foreign minister Melanie Joly 14 days to respond to their demands.

Please take a minute to support their effort by emailing Minister Joly and Liberal MPs.

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The Canadian Foreign Policy Institute

Just Peace Advocates

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