Support LRB-0510 / Assembly Bill 861 to Decriminalize Marijuana in Wisconsin

Send a message to your representatives to support the new bill to decriminalize up to half an ounce of marijuana in Wisconsin.

This bill will:

  • Remove criminal penalties for possession of up to 14g of marijuana across Wisconsin. The bill eliminates counting, as a prior conviction, a conviction for marijuana possession involving 28 grams or less.

  • Create a statewide $100-$250 fine for possession of up to 14g of marijuana (most counties/municipalities that have decriminalized marijuana currently have fines over $250).

  • Allow counties/municipalities to further decriminalize marijuana (currently counties/municipalities can only decriminalize up to 25g) and this bill will not effect how counties/municipalities decriminalize or handle possession of 14.1 grams or more of marijuana. The bill does not take away any least level of enforcement priorities (LLEP) abilities for marijuana at the county/municipal level.

  • Ensure no one will get a felony conviction for possessing an ounce or less of marijuana (currently, anyone with a previous marijuana conviction will be charged with a felony for possessing any amount of marijuana, even in decriminalized counties/municipalities).

  • The bill reduces the penalty to a civil forfeiture of not more than $10 for using or possessing drug
    paraphernalia that relates to marijuana consumption.

  • Encourage an end to drug testing at jobs that don’t involve dangerous labor by offering liability protection to companies that don’t test for off-hours cannabis use