Support Rep. Arena-DeRosa's neonicotinoid bill

When pollinator champion Rep. Carolyn Dykema left the MA legislature, it was unclear who would take her place. The representative who took over her seat for the Middlesex 8th, James Arena-DeRosa, may very well be just the person! Rep. Dykema's neonic ban bill, H.763 "An Act to Protect Pollinators", was a success in that neonics are now banned for consumer uses but there is still much work to be done to protect pollinators.

Now Rep. Arena-DeRosa is taking the same bill (with a new number - H.742) and continuing Rep. Dykema's work to protect pollinators from these dangerous chemicals. The bill includes language requiring licensed applicators to inform property owners about the harmful effects of neonics on pollinators and requires the Dept. of Transportation to identify opportunities to replace non-native plants with native species around DOT property and under solar installations, in an attempt to increase pollinator habitat.

So how can you help get H. 742 passed? Reach out to your state representative as soon as you can and ask them to sign onto Rep. Arena-DeRosa's bill. If you are in Rep. Arena-DeRosa's district, let him know you appreciate his effort on this bill!