Support students calling for an end to CA teachers' retirement money funding climate chaos and environmental racism.


Most teachers are not aware that over $6 billion of their retirement money is being handed over to fossil fuel companies and funding destruction like the Line 3 pipeline where Indigenous water protectors have been camping out in the snow to stop construction. Most teachers don't know that CalSTRS board members Harry Keiley and Sharon Hendricks refuse to meet with students of color and teachers living next to fossil fuel sites to talk about environmental racism. Most teachers also don’t know that CalSTRS has gone to great lengths to censor and dismiss the teachers, frontline students, Indigenous leaders, scientists, financial experts, and doctors who are demanding divestment. We are thankful that State Superintendent of Education Tony Thurmond recently publicly called for CalSTRS to divest from fossil fuels and joined State Treasurer Fiona Ma who has consistently supported divestment as CalSTRS board members.

We need your help to let CalSTRS know that we will not allow them to give another penny of our teachers’ hard-earned money to fossil fuel companies. Please click 'START WRITING' to read our form letter (and of course you can personalize it too), then click send to let the CalSTRS Board know that you are with students calling to divest from fossil fuels.

Also, you might enjoy checking out the below 2 short videos we made about our time in the CalSTRS board room and outside their headquarters as well as made by Line 3 Water Protectors. Thank you!